Yin and Yang and Gambling

Symbols and Symbolism

Ancient Chinese Taoist philosophy explains the world in terms of two forces, Yin (shady) and Yang (bright). The events of the universe are a direct result of interaction of these two forces - the activeness of Yang energy and the passiveness of Yin energy.

The Tiger and the Dragon have symbolise these energies - Yin is represented by the Tiger and Yang by the Dragon.

These forces can be harnessed by gamblers, who can be described as either Tiger or Dragon, passive (Yin) or aggressive (Yang).

If you have located your own personal details on the Table of Good Fortune, you will know how you should play.

Personal Chi

The Tiger represents the qualities of courage and patience, qualities that successful gamblers also hold. Tigers know when to lay low, but can also pounce when they sense an opportunity.

The Dragon is a proud creature which is strong, outgoing and adventurous. A Dragon Sic Bo player would tend towards a higher-risk strategy, playing larger stakes, opening themselves to the chance of big wins.

Feng Shui when gambling

Feng Shui states that the Tiger and Dragon represent the balance of the universe. Sic Bo players understand that winning and losing are the same, but there are elements of feng shui that can influence your luck when choosing where to gamble.

Playing Sic Bo in the home

When gambling at home it is possible to maximise your potential prosperity by applying a few simple rules. For example, placing the furniture in line with the orientations of the Tiger and Dragon.

For Dragon energy, you should position yourself in a room with the wall at your back. On your left, place some greenery (eg a plant) which will encourage the Dragon to occupy this space.

To allow Tiger energy to flow through the room freely, without distracting you from your task, you should sit opposite - but not directly across from - a door. You could place a chair or couch here to maximise this energy flow. On the west side of the room, to please the Tiger and offer it security, you could place a desk or cabinet or even a small dressing table.

Other items that could bring prosperity and luck into your home include:

  • Art - hang prints of a Tiger and a Dragon. Ensure that the symbols look aggressive.
  • Clothing - a Tiger and Dragon T-shirt would show commitment to the energies.
  • Jewellery - wearing a sterling silver garnet pendant with the garnet in the centre offers respect.
Playing Sic Bo away from home

Your home is an area in which you can influence the surroundings. When gambling away from home on an iPad or mobile device, your choice of playing position and your behaviour are of vital importance.

  • Sit with a wall at your back.
  • Do not sit directly opposite a door.
  • Wear lucky clothing (with Tiger and Dragon symbolism).
  • Ensure you use the toilet before you start to gamble.
  • Feed the baby ghost sitting behind the table. If playing in a coffee shop, feed it with sugar.
  • Sew a Tiger/Dragon Yin/Yang patch onto your laptop bag.

Any of this advice can help you to tap into the power of these celestial animals and bring prosperity, luck and good fortune.