Screen layout

Happy8 has the largest and clearest Live Dealer display of any of our casinos.

The Dealer and dice shaker are shown in close-up in the top half of the screen, while the board takes up the lower part. The board is well laid out, with all payouts clearly displayed.

The upper left hand side of the screen shows the numbers 1 - 10. Each of these numbers shows information about another Happy8 Live Dealer game (eg Baccarat, Roulette) currently in-play.

The upper right of the screen shows results history (last 15 results), bet limits and the live betting pool - a running total of bets on the current game. Players can also choose to play a mini game eg Blackjack or Baccarat.

The lower left menu displays your betting history, a win / loss report, a summary of the rules of Sic Bo and an in-game cashier to allow you to deposit during the game.

Your playing balance is clearly shown and the betting chips are easily accessed at the bottom right.

The results of each spin are clearly shown using excellent 3d images of the dice (see above).

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Playing Sic Bo

Happy8 casino offers a geat choice of Live Dealer Sic Bo games. From the lobby, you can choose a regular 2d game, a high resolution 3d version or multi-table Sic Bo, where you play Sic Bo alongside any two of the other Happy8 Live Dealer games such as Roulette and Dragon Tiger.

Happy8 uses the excellent Opus Gaming feed which is the fastest and smoothest of all our casinos, with no delays or loss of quality. There is no live audio feed from the casino, but game announcements are made via a voiceover.

There is a 20 second countdown for placing bets and the last 10 seconds are indicated by an audio beep. Bet confirmation is quick and takes only a few seconds.

The dice roll takes place almost immediately after 'No More Bets' is called. The result is clearly shown and highlighted on the board with a voiceover confirming the 3 individual dice score, the 3 dice total, and whether the result is Big or Small.

A nice feature at Happy8 casino is the Live Pool which shows the amount of money bet on each game. Totals are shown for Big and Small, plus each individual dice. The Live Pool is constantly updated as bets are laid, allowing you to decide if you want to bet with or against the majority of players.

Table limits

Happy8 allows you to play Sic Bo with three different table limits. All show the same game, but allow different size bets:

  • Low Roller : 2 - 300
  • Mid Roller : 15 - 2,500
  • High Roller : 50 - 10,000

Game speed

The Opus live feed allows Happy8 to offer an extremely fast version of Sic Bo. Game times vary between 50 and 65 seconds (depending on the time of day) with an average of 57 seconds between rolls, giving an excellent 63 games per hour - second only to Bodog88. With just 20 seconds between games, players are constantly involved in the action.

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Happy8 offer Sic Bo players the choice of 2 rewards: a Depositing reward and a Losses reward.

New players receive a 20% bonus when making their first deposit, but for Sic Bo players, the best reward is the Weekly Betting Rebate which returns to players 0.8% of their weekly betting turnover, regardless of wins and losses.

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Banking at Happy8 casino is very simple and very straightforward as they offer only one deposit and one withdrawal method.

Players can deposit and withdraw in USD, VND and IDR without paying any fees. Each currency has different maximum and minimum amounts, but all players can enjoy a 20% bonus when making their initial deposit.

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Customer Support

Happy8 offer customers 3 ways to contact their customer support. There is 24/7 live chat for Asian customers, e-mail for English and Indonesian speaking customers and a local telephone number.

We were able to get answers to our questions via email. All questions were answered correctly, but we would prefer live chat to be available to all customers.

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Happy8 casino are rightly proud of their sexy live dealers and display them prominently throughout the game. Dressed in classy Black and Red outfits, they present each game clearly and make great efforts to demonstrate that everything is fair.

They remain visible at all times, even during the spin, and the camera ensures that players get to see as much of the dealers as they would like! The dealers do not speak during the games and there is no distracting noise emanating from the live feed.


Happy8 does not offer an in-game chat option but this in no way detracts from the experience, as the visual focus is always on the dealer and the dice.

If a chat option is something you enjoy whilst playing Sic Bo, we would recommend checking out one of the Playtech casinos, details of which can be found in our Live Dealer Sic Bo casinos table.

Other games

Happy8 offers a great variety of Live Dealer games. In addition to Sic Bo, players can enjoy Roulette, Punto Banco (Baccarat) and Dragon Tiger.

There is also a fantastic Keno section, where players can play at up to 3 of 6 countries at any one time with a huge choice of betting options.

Happy8 also offers traditional Random Number games.

Why play at Happy8 casino?

Happy8 know that players enjoy Live casinos because of two things - the dealers and the games. On both of these points, Happy8 scores highly. The games are quick and exciting, while the live feed is smooth and clear, in high definition and with no delay. The dealers are consistently good looking and the camera keeps them on display throughout the game.

Happy8 may be a relatively new casino (since December 2011), but they have quickly established themselves as one of the front runners in the Live Dealer section. They offer the widest choice of live games and each is available in one of three versions (3d, 2d and multi-table).

With elegant, classy and beautiful dealers, huge table limits and rewards for both banking and losing, Happy8 is a great place to play Live Dealer Sic Bo.

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