Screen layout

Although Golden Palace uses the same Playtech live feed as a number of our other Live Dealer Sic Bo casinos, the screen layout here seems much larger and brighter.

The display is split into two halves, with a very clear board taking up the bottom half. A large display shows the dealer in the centre of the top half. To the left of the dealer is an information display, including a history section that shows the results of the last four spins, and a Payout table showing each bet. The countdown timer is shown at the bottom left of the screen.

The board is clean and uncluttered, displaying the payout on each bet, and with the betting chips easily accessed at the bottom right of the screen.

The top right side of the display is taken up by a large chat box and we feel that this space could have been better used by displaying better statistics, or allowing mini games like bet365.

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Playing Sic Bo

Sic Bo at Golden Palace is quick, with a game every 60 seconds or so.

Yo have 30 seconds to place bets, and this time is clearly shown on the timer at the bottom left of the screen. We tested the live feed by confirming bets right up to the last second without any problem.

Unlike Dafa888, a confirmation message is only shown when the counter hits zero, which can sometimes leave you unsure if your bets are placed or not.

As the live feed is shared by a number of casinos, there is a 7 seconds delay between the call for No More Bets and the spin. The spin itself is very quick, lasting just a couple of seconds. The camera shows the dice in close-up and stays on the result until the next countdown begins.

Golden Palace shows the results of the last four spins in terms of Big / Small and Total. You can click through this table to see the last 10 results, but we prefer the extensive Hot / Cold numbers shown at Grand Bodog and 138SunGame.

Table limits

Golden Palace offers only one Sic Bo table with limits of £1 to £300. This is a payout limit, rather than a bet limit, meaning that the maximum payout on any bet is £300, giving some interesting maximum bets eg 1.66 on a Triple.

Game speed

We tested Golden Palace at different times of day and night. On average, the time between games varied from 74 to 116 seconds, giving an average of 40 games per hour. However we found that at weekends the game speed could be as fast as 45 seconds, giving 80 games per hour.

The dealer changes every 20 minutes or so, but the changes are quick and take less than 60 seconds, meaning only small interruption to your game play.

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Golden Palace offers Sic Bo players a range of rewards, giving players extra for depositing, playing and even losing!

  • Comp points: £1 back for every £1000 played.
  • Deposit bonus: 15% extra on every deposit.
  • Cashback: 25% of your deposit if credits reach zero.

Whilst not as extensive as the VIP rewards at bet365 or 138SunGame, these rewards are still attractive to players who are new to Sic Bo and not yet looking to play for high stakes.

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Golden Palace has the most extensive range of banking methods of any of our casinos, offering choices to players worldwide.

They allow you to fund your casino account via 17 different deposit methods, including Neteller and most popular credit and debit cards. Most are instant and completely free.

They offer 6 methods for withdrawal with a standard processing time of 4 to 5 days.

Golden Palace likes to reward returning players, so offer a 15% deposit bonus on 7 of the deposit options.

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Customer Support

We found the Customer Support at Golden Palace to be very slow, often having to wait up to 5 minutes for responses.

Some of the initial responses were clearly automated, although we were eventually connected to a human operator.

Various operators showed different levels of experience and responses ranged from slow and unclear to fast and accurate.

The questionnaire took an hour to complete - three times longer than at other casinos. Overall this was a fairly unsatisfactory service and is an area that Golden Palace should address.

Customer support questions


The Playtech dealers change every 20 minutes, meaning you get a wide variety of personalities. The dealers each have their own individual presentation style - some are quiet, some more talkative, others cheerful, and a few are a little stern.

All the dealers make a very clear last call for bets and are visible for the button press.

Our favourite dealer at Golden Palace is Tia who hits the button so hard with the flat of her hand that she sometimes misses!


Chat is one area where Golden Palace excels. For players who enjoy in-game chat, Golden Palace offers a large screen to the top right of the screen where you can communicate with the dealer.

The process is the same as all the Playtech casinos - you type in your message and the dealer's replies are shown in the box.

We also found that the dealers sometimes replied to our texts by speaking.

Other games

Live Casino

10 games including Baccarat (5 versions), Blackjack (2) and Roulette (4).

Casino Games

27 Card and Table games including Pai Gow Poker, 5 Asian Games including Keno and 4 versions of Mahjong, plus Arcade, Video Poker and Slots.

Why play at Golden Palace casino?

Golden Palace has been around since 1997 and is one of the most well-known and trusted of all online casinos. Licensed in Alderney, Golden Palace aims to be a truly international casino. They have more deposit methods than any other casino, catering for players in most countries in the world. They also offer versions of the casino software in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Finnish, Portuguese, Swedish and English.

They have a range of rewards to suit different styles of play and are particularly good at rewarding loyalty - giving a bonus to players each time they deposit.

Although the Customer Support could be better, overall Golden Palace is still a great place to play Live Dealer Sic Bo.

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