Screen layout

Dafabet uses the same Playtech live feed as a number of our other Live Dealer Sic Bo casinos but in a very clear and bright format.

The top of the screen shows the live video of the dealer and dice. To the left is a clickable statistics tab that shows the results of the last six spins, bet payouts, table limits and information about the live feed. The top right of the screen has a large chat area.

The board is clear and uncluttered, with the betting chips easily accessed at the bottom left of the screen. One downside is that the payouts for Total bets are not shown, though these can be obtained from the Payout tab.

Overall, Dafabet offers the best playing experience of all the Playtech casinos.

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Playing Sic Bo

Placing your bets at Dafabet is a simple process. Bets are confirmed almost instantly with a very clear confirmation message displayed on the screen. You can place bets right up to 2 seconds before the last call.

The game timer at the bottom right of the screen counts down from 30 seconds. There is a 7 second delay between the call for No More Bets and the spin. The spin is very quick. The camera zooms in after the spin and stays on the dice until the next countdown starts.

The history tab on the left of the screen shows the last six results in terms of Small / Big and Total.

The result is shown very clearly and relevant winning bets are highlighted on the board for a few seconds. A nice touch is that a voice-over tells you when your bet wins.

Table limits

Dafabet encourages High Roller Sic Bo players by allowing high single bet limits. For example, the maximum bet of $1250 is allowed on every bet, even on a Triple, which has a payout of 180 to 1, meaning a potential win of $225,000. This was confirmed with Customer Support via Live Chat.

Game speed

We tested Dafabet at different times of day and night. On most occasions, the time between games varied from 74 to 116 seconds, giving an average of 40 games per hour. However we found that at weekends the game speed could be as fast as 45 seconds, giving 80 games per hour.

The dealer changes every 20 minutes but the changes are quick and take less than 60 seconds, meaning minimal interruption to your gameplay.

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Dafabet offer 4 excellent reward programmes for Live Dealer Sic Bo players - Cash Back Club, Loyalty Club, VIP Raffle and a Ladies Club.

The Cash Back Club is designed for large stakes players with a consistently high monthly turnover.

The Loyalty Club is aimed at frequent players who bet on a daily basis, though in smaller amounts.

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Dafabet offer 6 deposit methods and 5 withdrawal methods including Neteller and Wire Transfer. All methods are free and most are instant.

Dafabet make banking easy for High Rollers by allowing deposits and withdrawals of up to $1,000,000.

Dafabet also allows players to bank in numerous currencies throughout Asia, including RMB, IDR, MYB, VND and THB.

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Customer Support

Customer Support at Dafabet is handled by human operators and all our questions were answered in just over 21 minutes.

The operator was very polite and helpful, directing us to relevant sections of the website via clickable links.

There was a slight discrepancy between his information and that printed on the banking pages, but he admitted his information was not up to date.

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The dealers at Dafabet offer Sic Bo players a wide variety of personalities. They are all smartly dressed and polite, but they each have their own individual presentation style. The last call for bets is very clear and the button press is shown before the camera zooms in for the spin.

A favourite dealer is Cleo who spins the dice in an interesting way - she demonstrates the button with an elegant open-hand gesture, then strikes it with the palm of her hand.


As with the other Playtech casinos, Dafabet offers an in-game chat option that allows you to interact with the dealer.

The top right hand side of the screen has a large chat box that displays text messages from the dealer.

We also found that the dealers sometimes responded verbally to our texts.

Other games

Live Casino

Dafabet offer 10 Live Dealer games, including five varieties of Baccarat (Progressive, Live, VIP, mini and in-running)

Casino Games

The traditional casino offers 106 slots, 33 table and card games, 15 video poker games, 26 Arcade games and 6 Asian games.

Why play at Dafabet casino?

In numerology, the number 888 represents 'triple prosperity' and Dafabet casino is designed to cater for prosperous players. They do this by allowing larger deposits and withdrawals - up to $1,000,000 - in a number of currencies, and by allowing larger single bets on Live Dealer Sic Bo than any other online casino.

Dafabet also recognises the importance of rewarding loyal customers and offers comprehensive VIP rewards for high stakes players. They are also unusual in rewarding female players, offering an exclusive Ladies Club.

With efficient, polite Customer Support and a wide variety of dealers, Dafabet casino offers an excellent Live Dealer Sic Bo experience.

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