Lucky numbers

Gambling by Numbers

In Numerology, it is believed that both odd and even numbers represent different energies and qualities. Odd Numbers represent the Yang energy, are Celestial and hold Masculine qualities, whilst even Numbers represent the Yin energy, are more Terrestrial and have Feminine qualities.

The Table of Good Fortune highlights elements and numbers that will bring you luck.

But if we take a deeper look at each individual number, we can understand what it represents.


0 is an unbroken circle, it represents both the nothingness of everything and also the limitless of everything. It is infinite. It is all or nothing.


1 is the father of all numbers. It is the first prime masculine number from which all other numbers spring forth.


2 is the mother of all numbers. One of the most powerful numbers in numerology, it represents duality and Yin and Yang. Winning and losing are the same.


3 is the first offspring of 1 and 2. Representing the Tiger, the Great Triad is the journey from obscurity to manifestation and is shown as Heaven-Mankind-Earth. If 3 is your lucky number, you need to exhibit the patience of the Tiger and only bet when you see the opportunity.


4 is the Chinese symbol for Earth, a four pointed shape. In Chinese belief, the four Guardians of the cosmos bring stability to the Earth. If 4 is your lucky number, you should use a low stake approach to Sic Bo, seeking stability.


5 a mix of Yin (2) and Yang (3) energy which represents good luck. Held in high esteem in Chinese belief, there are five elements in the universe, five Chinese grains and five sacred mountains. It is the representation of the Chinese Dragon and is fundamental in the balance of the cosmos. Five is the number that is a call to action. For gamblers, are you betting in multiples of five or using a system with five bets?


6 is the most celestial of all the numbers, represetning the six directions - North, South, East, West, above and below. 6 also represents the number of senses we hold.Triple six in Sic Bo offers a huge return.


7 represents the cycle of life and the union of three and four, expressing perfect timing and the order of nature. Players who have 7 as a lucky number are likely to be thoughtful regarding Sic Bo and would use a Balanced strategy.


8 sounds like the Chinese word for wealth and is held in high regard by gamblers. Many Chinese lucky numbers include the number 8 and three of our casinos (Bodog88, Dafa888 and 138SunGame) use the number as an inherent part of their name.


9 represents completion and satisfaction. On the Sic Bo board nine pays 6 to 1 as it occurs often with a high probability.

Using these numbers

By understanding how these numbers work in the universe, Sic Bo players can give themselves a better chance of success. By referring to our Table of Good Fortune, players can see which numbers would be considered lucky for them.