Screen layout

The screen at Eagle Club is very bright, vivid and colourful.

It uses the same live HoGaming feed as
138SunGame, so the board is large and clear.

The dealer and dice are shown at the top centre of the screen, with results information shown to each side - a history section showing the results of the last six spins, a large display of the last result and a detailed statistics section.

These statistics show Hot and Cold numbers based on the last 150 rolls. They also show the % of Small, Big and Triple. The stats can be turned off via the side tab on the left of the screen. This tab has a variety of functions including in-game chat and information about the dealer, your bet and your current balance.

Your chips appear on the bottom of the screen before you place a bet and then are hidden until the next round. The screen at Eagle Club is focussed on playing Live Dealer Sic Bo - there are no distractions, no large chat window and no clutter around the board.

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Playing Sic Bo

The betting process at Eagle Club is straightforward. On confirming your bets, a 'Sending bets' message appears. If your bet is sent in time, a confirmation message is displayed.

As confirmation can sometimes take a few seconds, we would recommend sending bets before the final 10 second countdown.

There is a 15 second delay between the call for No More Bets and the spin. The spin lasts for six seconds and is shown in close-up. The camera stays on the result for a few seconds before zooming out ready for the next round.

The results of each spin are clearly flashed up on the board and all relevant winning bets are highlighted for a few seconds.

A useful feature is the audible 10 second warning, followed by 5 short beeps as the timer counts down to zero.

Another nice feature at Eagle Club is the option to store up to five Custom Bets. If you have a specific betting pattern, you can save each bet (numbers, amounts) and recall them quickly and easily, saving time on each spin.

Table limits

Eagle Club allows you to choose between three tables to play on. Although they all show the same live feed, the limits are tailored to your playing style:

  • Single player : 1 - 100
  • Regular : 5 - 100
  • High Roller : 25 - 500

Game speed

The time between games varies from 74 to 90 seconds, giving an average of 44 games per hour.

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Bodog88 offer Sic Bo players a choice of 4 rewards: a Betting reward, 2 Depositing rewards and a Losses reward.

The best of these is the Betting Rebate which gives back up to 0.48% of your weekly bet volume, regardless of wins and losses.

Eagle Club casino also offers a $300 Welcome Bonus or a 100% 1st deposit bonus with play throughs of 20x and 30x. Please note that unlike other casinos Bodog88 allow play on Sic Bo.

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Bodog offer four main banking options: Debit/Credit cards, bank transfer, Click2Pay and Skrill (moneybookers).

If you choose a debit or credit card, you can choose from over 18 banks from where Bodog88 accept instant debit or credit card transactions with no fees.

Minimum deposits are RMB100, with no maximum. Withdrawals are free over RMB100 and are processed within 24 hours.

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Customer Support

The 'Support' tab at the top of the screen opens a separate help window. 'Live Support Chat' is an option but we found that this didn't work - there was no answer and it eventually timed out.

Instead, we used the general Bodog88 help which is available from the lobby. The support staff were very quick and polite. Initial contact took only 7 seconds and we were immediately dealing with a human operator who answered all our questions quickly and correctly. The chat took just 17 minutes in total.

Customer support questions


The dealers at Eagle Club are smart in appearance and very clear in their presentation. The last call for bets is made with a simple hands-crossed gesture.

Dealers change every 20 minutes. The HoGaming dealers are consistently efficient and polite, but don't offer quite the same varied range of personalities as you find at the Playtech casinos (eg Bet365, Golden Palace).


In-game chat is available by clicking the Chat tab on the lower left hand menu. This pulls out a separate chat window which you can use to message the dealer.

A nice feature of Eagle Club is that you can ask to speak directly to a Pit Boss who will answer any questions or concerns you may have about the game.

Other games

Live Casino

Eagle Club also offers Live versions of Baccarat, Grand Baccarat, Blackjack, Classic Roulette, Pro Bet Roulette, Dragon Tiger and Grand Dragon Tiger.

Casino Games

A traditional casino offers e-games such as cards, poker and slots.

Why play at Eagle Club casino?

Eagle Club is backed by Bodog88, one of the biggest gambling brands in Asia and the world. Established for over 18 years, in all that time Bodog88 has never missed a payout to players.

Bodog88 understands players' needs and scores highly for Customer Support, Banking and Rewards.

As a result, Bodog88 players are the most loyal of any casino, with many of them playing exclusively at Bodog and nowhere else. Once you're at Bodog88, you'll see why: it's a one-stop destination for all your gambling entertainment.

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