Screen layout

138 has the biggest and clearest board on which to play Live Dealer Sic Bo.

The screen is very bright and laid out in a logical way. The live feed of the dealer and dice is shown at the top of the screen. To the left of the dealer is a history section showing the results of the last six spins. The top right of the screen clearly shows the result of the last spin.

Beneath the last result, an extensive statistics section provides the player with an analysis of results over the last 150 spins.

To the left and right of the board are vertical tabs that give a variety of functions including game options and information about the dealer, your bet and your current balance. The chips appear along the bottom of the screen during betting, but are then hidden until the next round.

This screen is very focussed, with no clutter, no chat window, and nothing to distract you from the business of playing Live Dealer Sic Bo.

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Playing Sic Bo

Table limits

138 is designed to make playing Sic Bo easy for high stakes players. It does this by allowing much higher Table Limits than most casinos.

You can choose three tables to play on. Although they all show the same live feed, the limits are tailored to your playing style:

  • Regular : 1 - 500
  • High Roller : 50 - 20000
  • Private : 100 - 30000

Placing bets is easy, though confirmation can sometimes take a few seconds, so players must ensure that they send their bets at least 10 seconds before the call for No More Bets.

To help you keep track, a timer appears at the side of the board, counting down from 45 seconds. A very useful feature is an audible 10 second warning, followed by 5 beeps for the last few seconds.

There is a 15 second delay between the call for No More Bets and the spin. The camera zooms in for the spin and stays on the result for a few seconds.

138 present the Sic Bo player with plenty of information to make betting decisions, via the statistics displayed to each side of the dealer. These stats are much more detailed than at most casinos, giving Hot and Cold numbers, and a % ratio between Big and Small. The stats are instantly updated with each result.

Game speed

The time between games varies from 74 to 90 seconds, giving an average of 44 games per hour. The dealer changes every 20 minutes but the changes are quick and take less than 60 seconds.

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138's New Player bonus gives you three £138 bonuses (one on each of your first three deposits), while the Live Casino bonus offers you another £138.

But 138 also reward long-term player loyalty via two monthly rebates - a 0.38% monthly rebate on Live games, and a very competitive 0.8% rebate for members of their Slot Club.

Both rebates give you monthly cash back up to £138.

More information


138 offers 5 choices of deposit and withdrawal methods.

Through the use of Secure Socket Layer technology, all deposits are safe and secure and 138 implements strict procedures for withdrawals to prevent fraudulent activity.

Before withdrawing, players need to produce government ID, which matches both the player's account details and the details on the bank card.

More information

Customer Support

Our questionnaire took just over one hour to complete with 138. Though responses were fairly slow this did not reflect the overall service given.

While on live chat we enquired about a problem we had with our deposit method. During this conversation the finance department called us to discuss the issue further, and resolved the matter immediately. The initial response was automated but the follow-up was clearly human and was polite and helpful.

Customer support questions


The dealers at Eagle Club are smart in appearance and very clear in their presentation. The last call for bets is made with a simple hands-crossed gesture.

Dealers change every 20 minutes. The HoGaming dealers are consistently efficient and polite, but don't offer quite the same varied range of personalities as you find at the Playtech casinos (eg Bet365, Golden Palace).


138 does not offer an in-game chat option, in keeping with its High Roller VIP player focussed approach to Live Dealer Sic Bo.

If a chat option is something you enjoy whilst playing Sic Bo, we would recommend checking out one of the Playtech casinos, details of which can be found in our Live Dealer Sic Bo casinos table.

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Why play at 138 casino?

In numerology, the number 138 represents 'prosperity in your lifetime' and this is the entire aim of 138 casino. Their Sic Bo is designed for high stakes players, with massive table limits, slick gameplay and an outstanding VIP rewards package.

Recognising the attraction of Live Dealer casino games to Asian gamblers, 138 is making them available to players worldwide.

With safe, secure, easy banking, thorough Customer Support and polite, cheerful dealers, 138 casino offers an excellent Live Dealer Sic Bo experience.

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